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Olfasense hosts international expert audience involved in odour testing in 2022 odour workshop
Our 2022 odour workshop on product and material testing brought together a multi-disciplinary group of specialists from all over the world to present and share experiences relating to the field of odour testing, and to exchange future trends and needs.

We dedicated two days covering a wide spectrum of sensory and molecular analysis methods, showing the almost endless possibilities of product optimisation and material testing.

The event was structured around a number of presentations from relevant specialists, and practical sessions on specific odour measurement techniques in our lab facilities.

If you were not able to participate in this year's workshop, we invite you to check out our event review on our workshop website, where you will also find our picture collection.

Live webinar on the determination of odour emissions from building products
Together with our Belgian partners from Normec Servaco, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our next online seminar on the determination of odour emissions from building products with a special focus on ISO 16000-28 measurements.

The online odour seminar takes place on Wednesday, 15 June, 3 pm – 4 pm CET on Zoom. Participation is free of charge.

The evaluation of the odour impact of building products on indoor air quality provides manufacturers, building contractors, and consumers useful data. This includes the odour's acceptability and intensity, as well as its hedonic tone (how pleasant, unpleasant, or offensive it is).

There will be a Q&A session, so the experts will be available to find the right answers to your VOC and odour-related questions.

Find out more and register via our website

We will also speak at the following upcoming events:

Reminder: Registration for EN 13725 and VDA 270 proficiency tests closes soon
The registration for our EN 13725 proficiency test ends this month - so, if you are considering participating, make sure to register before 27 May 2022.

We also want to inform you that the implementation procedure and success criteria of the proficiency test for olfactometry according to EN 13725:2003 apply unchanged to the new version EN 13725:2022. This is noted separately in the certificates of participation and reports of this year’s proficiency test.

> Download the EN 13725 announcement & invitation

We also want to give you a quick reminder about our upcoming VDA 270 proficiency test 2022. Deadline for registration is 29 July 2022.

In addition to the familiar standard proficiency test, there is also the option to additionally measure real leather samples.

> Download the VDA 270 announcement & invitation

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